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In case you’ve never heard, hailing from Iceland, Bang Gang misleadingly consists of one man, Bardi Johannsson. With the occassional collaboration of course. His album “Something Wrong” has been described as “haunting, in the most beautifully possible way. The album is surrealistic and atmospheric with his use of pure instrumentation to transcend electronic synthesis. Like an absurd French existential novel Bardi as the orchestrated evil genius dares us to ‘Follow’ him through an oblivion of swirling melody in a hypnotically enchanting fashion where upon he guides us up some lost winding staircase to a place we fear.”

An analysis one can do nothing but agree with after listening to it. The Shout Out Out Out Out remix of “Find What You Get” takes a darker spin on what may be one of his slightly more upbeat tracks. It’s the song you hear at the end of the night when the drugs have finally kicked in and all you can do is dance to the sinister beat.


Find What You Get (Shout Out Out Out Out Remix) (mp3)


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