old but prevalent obsession.

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Crystal Castles, reminiscent of the video game so closely associated with their name, is the digital world come to life. They are a Toronto two-piece who have become the remix masters of the here and now. Their genius was first revealed to me upon hearing their remix of the Klaxons’ Atlantis to Interzone, and it has been an amorous love in the bruised knee fashion ever since. Characterized by truncated vocals, mnemonic super mario blips and beeps, trashy synths, and raging, glitchy bitcore, this duo transcends the boundaries of music and reality. This is electronic gold. Not to be pigeon-holed as just re-inventors of what has already been created, their own personal brand of music is just as noteworthy. Together they create a reverberant, violent tumult that is ordered enough to be a pernicious variant of pop, but fucked up and rough enough to become obsessed with.

5/26 – Crystal Castles at the Echoplex.
If you’re going to be in LA, or even if you’re not, you should make your way out to the echo that night.
We’ll see you on the dance floor.

Crystal Castles – Alice Practice (mp3)
Crystal Castles – Airwar (mp3)


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