mmm…Decay Ends A Decade, a recently transformed Sheffield three-piece with the addition of a drummer, just keeps getting better. I first got wind of them from the I Was A Cub Scout tour mixtape, a light mix of songs that probably got their party started. The point being is that D.E.A.D. are an incredibly upbeat bunch although they sing of not-so-upbeat situations. They remind me of ghastly winter nights where you find yourself lost in a familiar place, completely helpless, and yet you can still make sense of it all. But on another note, they kind of resemble close friends ( i’m assuming) I Was A Cub Scout, hailing back to the better days of the Postal Service, with striking soft vocals, Crystal Castle-like bleeps, scaffolding harmonies, and a dark, persistent rhtythm that makes you want to get up and dance around your room.

*Matt was nice enough to send us this unreleased and untitled track which I shall lend a name, and few others
Decay Ends A Decade – Helpless (mp3)
Decay Ends A Decade – Notes(mp3)
Decay Ends A Decade – Diagnosis Apocalypse (mp3)

something that just kind of popped up, ladies and gents, today we bring the twofer
I Was A Cub Scout – I Hate Nightclubs (Katie’s ¡Forward, Russia! Remix)(mp3)


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