china room

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If Radiohead, the Pixies, and faint elements of the Killers procreated in a drunken haze of brilliance and glory the world would be left with this band, China Room. China Room is indie pop at its best. Their self-released album, “Put On a Smile, They’re Coming Your Way” presents us with songs of despair and hope set in the bright lights and glamour of the big city. This Los Angeles based band has been touring this town and winning hearts since 2004, and are about to go on tour once again, up the Coast. They’ve performed with some indie favorites, including the Grey Kid, the Shore, Black Black, the Cold War Kids, and have also performed a month-long residency at the Tangier in Silverlake. Keep your eyes peeled for China Room because I expect nothing but greatness from these five gentlemen.

Check them out here. And be sure to pick up “Put On a Smile, They’re Coming Your Way”.

China Room – Disco Chopper
China Room – Mortars for Sale (mp3)


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