Kevin Drew’s Spirit If…

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“I wanted to be in love when I was young. People wanted to be astronauts, I wanted to be attending orgies and constantly in love. Those were my aspirations.”-Kevin Drew

How can one not be enamored with a man of such hopes and dreams?
Kevin Drew, beloved frontman of perhaps my favorite band of all time, Broken Social Scene, is coming out with a solo album. The first in a series of Broken Social Scene approved and presented by collections. Drew’s album, Spirit If…, will be released on Arts & Crafts September 18th, and judging by the leaked track “tbtf” (Too Beautiful To Fuck), we will most likely be swept off our feet by this man all over again. Confronted with Drew’s familiar delicate vocals, pianos, and in true BSS-fashion, temporary dissonance/chaos and skittering bottles, this track screams tainted perfection. I just can’t seem to stop listening to this song.

Kevin Drew – tbtf (mp3)


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