intricate machines

This post has been a long time coming. Life got in the way, and consequently the world, or my limited view of it and complete self involvement in thinking everyone’s just dying to ready my next post, has been deprived of knowing true greatness. Never having been one to like a band just because a friend is in it, I can honestly and unbiasedly say that these boys are one of the most captivating bands you’ve heard in a long time. Their much anticipated “Whale” EP is exactly what has been missing in your life, precisely what you’ve always wanted but maybe never known.

With every listen, the EP gets better and better. Highly textured and deeply diverse, Intricate Machines wavers between and weaves in elements of jazz, rock, and electronic music masterfully. They can present the listener with a cacophony of noise and slight dissonance and then almost immediately juxtapose this feeling of disarray with their characteristic soft melodies and ethereal vocals. Making for a listening experience that may leave you with goosebumps after only five songs.

Pretentious indie kids never you fear. You can openly rejoice and embrace these boys with open arms because even Amoeba Records in Hollywood has been swept off its feet by the musical delight that is Intricate Machines. Their EP can be found in the “music we like” section of Amoeba, and they have nothing but praise for the new record:
“Delicate precise instrumentation and melodicism abound on this deeply textured musical expression. It sorta combines the elegant song sense of Bends-era Radiohead with the more accessible rhythmic diversions of King Crimson. Yes. You’ll play it once and enjoy it more the second time and beyond.”

Fall in love with Intricate Machines here and here. You can trust me on this one.

And here are two tracks off their EP that aptly bring about that feeling of being infinite we so desperately seek in the music we devote ourselves to.

intricate machines – What Do You Know?
intricate machines – No Feet (mp3)


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