Wolf Parade’s Expo 86. listen. dance. repeat.

What is it with bands and their obsession with Expo 86?? As far as I know it was just this Canadian World Fair whose theme was “Transportation and Communication,” but it seems to have inspired musical genius years and years later on several occassions. Title aside, Wolf Parade‘s third album is a solid indie rock effort whose main criteria for the songs on it, I have learned, was, “whether or not [Spencer Krug] would dance to them.” Although it pales in comparison to their Apologies to the Queen Mary debut, Expo is far more energetic and easy to find yourself putting on repeat than their sophomore release, At Mount Zoomer. Dan Boeckner gives Pitchfork his thoughts on his band’s latest endeavor:

“It’s a lot more focused than the last one. There’s a lot more energy on it, and it’s hard for me to even relate it back to Apologies to the Queen Mary because that album seems like a long time ago…There’s a lot more uptempo stuff on it than there was in the last record. But it’s really dense. All the songs and arrangements are really, really dense. And it sounds like a band playing live. Parts of it are pretty noisy, too, which I’m pretty happy with. I really liked making the last record, and I felt like it was a good snapshot of where the band was at at the time we recorded those songs.”

Expo comes out June 29th and the band will be in LA on July 31st at The Wiltern. Don’t miss your chance to be blown away.

Wolf Parade – Ghost Pressure (mp3)

Wolf Parade – What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had To Go This Way) (mp3)

This post is dedicated to James Michael Juarez.



4 thoughts on “Wolf Parade’s Expo 86. listen. dance. repeat.

  1. Am I the only one who absolutely loved At Mount Zoomer? Sure the songs were all over the place and more a collection of ideas than an album, but they went way out of their realm for the majority of it, and I loved every bit of it. This album is really growing on me (In the Direction of the Moon is so so good) but a feel there’s a few songs that are a tad boring in comparison to AMZ (Abbreviating always makes me feel more indie-cred.)

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