Bertie Blackman

Bertie Blackman – “Thump

Somebody told me that Bertie Blackman was a folk artist and from Sydney. The latter is true. The former, however, is only half true. In 2009, Bertie ditched most of her folk sound, along with her sweet blonde hair, for something darker and dancier. Having Architecture in Helsinki’s and Goldfrapp’s producers, she’s recorded an album, Secrets & Lies, which is some parts La Roux and some parts Florence & The Machine. Not surprisingly, her album won an ARIA award for ‘Best Independent Release.’ Surprisingly, she had a song air on Gossip Girl.

These songs are of the Flo & The Mash variety.

Bertie Blackman – “Thump” (mp3)

Bertie Blackman – “Heart” (mp3)


3 thoughts on “Bertie Blackman

  1. next week? & it isn’t strange, considering she’s played all over the radio in England, & in every pub, club, supermarket, and department store. can you believe that. i was so sick of her when i got home.

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