kayaks. they’ll turn your house into a church.

[images courtesy of [O]’moonie photography]

Once upon a time there was a magical residence called The Lodge. A place where the whiskey flowed in excess, a magnificent lap dance could be had, friends were never in short supply, and the Lakers ruled above all. Its greatest attribute, however, was the almost magical attraction it possessed in gathering one of the most creative and talented group of people I have had the pleasure of meeting. One day, after basking in the glory of a Lakers playoff victory, one can only assume, creative juices flowing and adrenaline buzzing Rey Corpuz (vocals/guitar) and Christian Hammon (cornet) decided it was not enough to just be handsome and just generally good at life, they needed to harness this talent for the greater good. Joined by Mickle Nguyen (guitar), this project quickly snowballed into an eager and diverse musical collective.

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Drawing their influences from the likes of Beirut and Minus the Bear, Kayaks‘ debut demo track, “Demons, Be Gone” presents the listener with a tale of love and redemption highlighted by infectious drumming, a menagerie of horns, and an ever-present and greatly appreciated accordion drone that works well to back up Corpuz’s impassioned vocals. Amidst this sweeping barrage of musical delight, Corpuz croons, “I brought a bottle of wine for us to drink/ But your cup of salvation is dirty in the sink,” and we, too, patiently awaits its deliverance. Kayaks may just be starting out, however I expect nothing but great things from a band that (with just a couple of demos miraculously recorded in one 12-hour day!) is able to create and capture such a thick, almost tangible atmosphere of lilting warmth and joy.

Kayaks – Demons, Be Gone [the lodge demos] (mp3)

Kayaks – Finest Crown [the lodge demos] (mp3)



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