come the morning

photo from LA Weekly (Colin Young-Wolff)

Do you ever put your itunes on shuffle and imagine that the songs that come on spell out something about yourself and your future? Perhaps I place too much stock into my personal itunes fortune teller, but to be honest, it has predicted more than a few events in my experience. Anyways, I digress. My original point was that the past 3 songs that had shuffled by for me had something to do with the word “morning” and it got me thinking about Mornings.

Watching the sunrise on a new day just may be one of the most painful and greatest things you can do. Your body aches from the insomnia, or the paper, or the drugs that kept you from sleeping; and sometimes, due to your aforementioned state, the beauty of that “a new day dawning” crap is lost. But you keep it there in the back of your head and then a song like Iron & Wine’s “Morning” comes on and you forget the painful part and just allow yourself to be flooded with the pretty memories. The memories of your favorite mornings.

Here’s one of my favorite morning sunrise memories. It’s the memory of being curled up in a blanket with your best friends at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, waiting for one of the rarest and most poignant shows of your life to begin: Bon Iver at Sunrise. A morning of giving the daylight a proper welcome, a morning of holding hands and recovering from nights before, a morning of finishing the last of the wine, and even a last morning for us and a dear friend leaving for Portland that next day to pursue his wild and insanely talented musical dreams (stay tuned, next blog post from me will be all about this amazing Daniel Berkman). If you weren’t there to experience it for yourself, I can do it no justice here through written words. Suffice it to say it was one of the very best mornings, and we just have to keep staying up and hoping for more of those perfect mornings.

Bon Iver -Lump Sum (mp3) –> this is the first song he played @ about 6:00 am.

Iron & Wine – Mornings (mp3)

Junior Boys – In The Morning (mp3)

and here’s one for the delight of high school Michelle: Bright Eyes – Lua (mp3)   [from I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning]



3 thoughts on “come the morning

  1. Nectarine by Twin Sister is a good new comer for a great sunrise song. I’ve always loved M62 song by Doves too. I’m so so envious about that bon iver show, it sounds like such an awesome experience.

    1. aahh! thank you for this Twin Sister recommendation, it’s beautiful.
      and they opened for The Morning Benders?? haha. what a lovely, re-occurring chain of events.

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