Performing under the name Whitley, Lawrence Greenwood has become quite an obsession lately. Imagine the voice and wit of Conor Oberst, combine those with Ben Gibbard-like sensibilities, add the despairing vocals of Marcus Mumford, and for the fun of it, the looks of John Mayer. But i’m only speaking of Whitley’s acoustic show, which is without band. In light of this, the new album, Go Forth, Find Mammoth, for all its production and theatrics, doesn’t even compare. I didn’t understand this until another folk artist (and friend whom I trust dearly) remarked that “Whitley sucks!”, when I asked what he thought. And this really bothered me because now I think Whitley sucks. It’s hard to listen to the album without being reminded of all the talent that’s been lost through production. Lawrence Greenwood, however, doesn’t suck. Sadly, Greenwood is playing his last solo shows for awhile, but i’m hoping that someday he’ll put out an acoustic version of Go Forth, Find Mammoth.

If you haven’t seen Whitley live, then you don’t really know what your missing. These songs off the new album are still worth listening to, despite what I just said. Anyways, don’t take my word for it, i’m just confused, so feel free to make your own decision.

Whitley – “Killer” (mp3) a wonderful duet; think Laura Marling with Mystery Jets and Noah & The Whale.

Whitley – “Poison In Our Pocket” (mp3) my favorite.

Whitley – “Darkest Hour” (mp3)


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