Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs” preview has landed

I will keep it short and sweet tonight. Today the blogosphere was in a tizzy because two tracks from Arcade Fire‘s upcoming album, The Suburbs (slated for an August release) had been released. True to “Indie Kid” form, I am sure we have all worshiped at the altar of the Fire of the Arcade, so getting a glimpse into what is to come is very exciting. I have been trying to listen repeatedly to form a decisive opinion, but am starting to tire so here is my final verdict, and then you can judge for yourself. “Month of May” is like weird dance punk brought to you via Arcade Fire. It definitely sounds to be a departure from what we have come to expect from our beloved Canadian band, with its distorted guirtars and driving/thrashing beat. “The Suburbs,” thankfully, is more like the Arcade Fire we are used to/wank over, with its catchy piano intro and jangly beat that is sure to be stuck in your head all day.

Arcade Fire – The Suburbs (mp3)

Arcade Fire – Month of May (mp3)




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