Wild Nothing

I recently discovered Wild Nothing and am almost positive this is the soundtrack dreams must be made of. Wild Nothing is the solo project of Virginia native Jack Tatum, whose music has been described as “the product of an unhealthy obsession with nostalgia.” His first full-length, Gemini, was just recently released through Captured Tracks (home also to Beach Fossils, are they becoming my new favorite label?) Unlike the current onslaught of one-man bedroom bands, Tatum creates complex textural environments aiming for something more than just a pretty, shoe gaze-y sound. He creates songs that are catchy, intriguing, and reminiscent of lazy, dreamy Sundays spent riding your bike to a picnic awaiting you at the park.

Wild Nothing – Chinatown (mp3)

Wild Nothing – Summer Holiday (mp3)

AND OMFG HE COVERED KATE BUSH so how can i NOT be in love??! Wild Nothing – Cloudbusting (mp3)



ps. We have a super stellar, ridiculously knowledgeable guest blogger with first class taste named Andrew (just blogged about Pogo, see below) who will be joining our lipstick communsim ranks. Get ready to gush over him.


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