Pop music is a funny thing, right guys? It’s a term that can mean anything and nothing depending on its usage, which is always a notable feat in linguistic terms. I like to think of Pop music defined as “Hey That’s Catchy!: The Genre.” It’s, for good or worse, something accessible enough to get lodged in your temporal lobe for an extended period time. Now that we’ve gotten over the Webster confrontations, let’s get to Oberhofer.

Brad Oberhofer, a former resident of the greater Seattle/Tacoma, WA area, has a pretty stellar grasp of “Hey, That’s Catchy!: The Genre” and at just 19 years old, he’s primed to make you smile with bitter envy for years to come. His songs are pure, sunny-side-up pop with an infectious cacophony of fluid harmonies, pounding drums, rollicking synths and odd ball vocal melodies with the secure knowledge that full on freakouts sound a whole lot sweeter when backed by sturdy songwriting. You’re sure to find some similarities with your favorite, most blogged about indie darlings, but Oberhofer has charming personality all his own. Faux exotic drink companies agree.

Mr. Oberhofer is just starting to get some serious coverage and, for the time being, is unsigned. That won’t last for long but until then he has graciously provided his o0Oo0Oo EP free for download here. He was lovingly making copies and mailing to all who requested it but, due to increased exposure, you’ll have to catch a flight to NY to grab a copy at one of his shows.

Find Oberhofer on Myspace and Facebook

Listen to Oberhofer right here, kids!

Oberhofer – I Could Go

Oberhofer – ooOooOoo



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