A No Bummer Summer Soundtrack

It is officially SUMMER. Our favorite season since we were in grade school for it meant no class, no waking up early, driving to the beach in your convertible mustang, an endless beer and margarita diet, and the only important decision you had to make that day was how much sunblock to apply or which taco stand you’d visit for your breakfast burrito. Sadly, as we become adults (ick) Summer isn’t as leisurely as it once was, but we can still capture some of those carefree moments (like on the days we call in sick to work) and this super fun soundtrack will help you do just that.

Enjoy bbz!

No Bummer Summer Twenty Ten

Tame Impala – Alter Ego [playing 6/29 @ Silverlake Lounge. come say hi!]

The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing

Neon Trees – Animal

Broken Social Scene – Texico Bitches [10/19 @ The Wiltern]

Cults – Go Outside [7/22 @ The Bootleg Theater]

Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes

Oberhofer – o0Oo0Oo

Islands – Jogging Gorgeous Summer

Delorean – Stay Close [6/11 @ The Echo]

Hot Chip – One Life Stand

Beach House – Lemonade (Gucci Mane Cover) [9/26 @ The Hollywood Bowl]

The Hood Internet – Ignition (Keep It Remixing Louder) (R. Kelly vs Major Lazer)

Muscles – Ice Cream

Two Door Cinema Club – I Can Talk [11/2 @ The Fonda]

AND just because I know you all listened to this in high school: Taking Back Sunday – You’re So Last Summer

You can download the entire playlist here (you may have to move “Texico Bitches” to it’s rightful spot as track 4, it is the only track that doesn’t seem to be complying with my order)


sidenote: for more exciting summer playlists check out treeswingers!


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