There seem to be so many artists and bands out there with really inane names lately. Sunglasses, however, has made me realize that you can not judge a band by its title. This band has been making its rounds in the blogosphere realm for a while now, but with the recent release of their self-titled EP debut, which is really little more than 3 songs, I have been hit with Sunglasses fever all over again. It helps that they sound insanely similar to Animal Collective, for whom I have expressed my deep-seated love for before. Sunglasses is the lovechild of 8000 Bam Bam (Samuel Cooper) & Baby Seal (Brady Keehn), upon their meeting at Savannah College of Art and Design. The pair create a great soundtrack to summer, producing a hazy brand of pop on acid. Their music is bizarre, quirky, and always very fun with its wavering melodies and shimmery vocals layered over trippy synths and swelling beats. Keep an eye out for this duo, I sense greater things to come in the near future.

Sunglasses – Referee (mp3)

and here’s their self-made video for the track “Whiplash” which alone makes you question how many drugs you may be on at the moment.



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