The xx at the Hollywood Palladium 9.22.10

I am officially the world’s worst blogger.

Apologies for the recent blogging fail. Over the past couple months (yes shit it’s been months now.. I started writing this post in September), however, I have had the chance to see some of my favorite acts and have heard some rather glorious album leaks, so I am now ready with updates galore.

And so we begin, with yet another post dedicated to that sometimes dark and always sexy British trio, the xx.

Although the Palladium is perhaps my least favorite venue in Los Angeles, like seriously I would rather risk catching gonorrhea in an alley on the way to getting shot at the echoplex than have to see a show at the Palladium, I had to man up and deal with it if I wanted to catch the xx one last time before they took a long break from their relentless touring schedule. Tbh, this show was rather long ago so I don’t remember the subtle details of it all so I am going to summarize and shuffle through the drunken hazy memories, highlighted of course by some stellar footage.

Zola Jesus was the first opener of the night. I think they were good. I remember thinking the girl had a nice set of lungs on her. cue expensive beers. Warpaint was up next right before the xx and they were, as is expected, fantastic. The ladies provided a perfect complement to the xx with their sultry, hypnotic sound and seductive riffs.

Warpaint – Undertow (mp3)

This track (Undertow) makes me weak at the knees.

What more can I say about the xx that I haven’t already gushed over? Their set was gorgeous, sexy, and transcending. Oliver further enforced the hold he has on mine and Tanya’s hearts. After their show, Fader and Converse sponsored the afterparty at Bardot, so of course we had to attend. Drinks were aplenty, drunken conversations were had with Romy (xx) and Emily (warpaint), Jamie xx dj’ed, and we danced/tried not to drool around Oliver.

the xx – Teardrops (Womack & Womack cover) (mp3)

and I leave you with a bit more sexy:

[photos and video c/o Tanya Avelar]



4 thoughts on “The xx at the Hollywood Palladium 9.22.10

  1. im at work so i forgot my login name. as an xx stan, i have to say that their two previous shows at the henry fonda and wiltern were better. i mean their stage presence was the same/still sexy as fuck, but the white screen they used for the intro in the last shows was amazing. i understand they had to change the set up, but the fluorescent lighting wasn’t enough sexyness. ALSO, they played one song less than the wiltern show (tear). i still luv them though, and glad oliver could legally drink in the states this time. hehe. BUT, you forgot to mention what happened after the afterparty. always remember: lysol whipes ❤

  2. Warpaint! I wanted to see them so bad at FYF but will call killed it for me. I want to practice polygamy with them ladies. You lucky.

    Also, what’s up with wordpress making it terrible to log in? Not down with it.

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