this week: a musical retrospective

Holy shit. This week in music has been absolutely bananas. It’s been a huge week for the underdog (see also: WHO IS ARCADE FIRE??!?!), for outstanding live performances, and for surprise albums releases that took the world by storm.

Last Sunday night, Arcade Fire won a Grammy for Album of the Year for the brilliance that is Suburbs. Whilst I was freaking out that the once little known Canadian-band-that-could was on national television winning a freaking Grammy,  it seemed the rest of the world was found asking itself, WHO IS ARCADE FIRE?! lulz lulz. Sidenote: if you watched the award show, how strange was their performance of “Month of May” with the BMXers and seizure inducing strobe lights? Not the biggest fan of that, but so ecstatic that the Grammys still got something right by giving the biggest award of the night to the band that deserved it the most. (Also, let’s just take a moment and thank god that Lady Antebellum didn’t sweep all its categories with that redneck drunk dial song)


Local Natives. What more can I possibly say about these hometown heroes that hasn’t been said before a million times. If you have not seen this band live yet, then you need to find a way to correct this fault asap. They are one of the greatest live bands I have ever come across. Friday morning the boys had an in-studio live session on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic show and they brought along a gorgeous string quartet with them in preparation for their big Disney Concert Hall debut.

You can stream the awe-inspiring set HERE.


Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, or OFWGKTA, is a hip hop collective from Los Angeles that has been around since about 2008, but has recently EXPLODED onto the music scene. Headed by Tyler, the Creator they are being hailed as the ultimate hype band and being treated as the saviors of hip hop at the moment. Take one look at their performance on Jimmy Fallon this week and you can’t help but get swept up as well. You will hardly be able to contain your excitement and will want to run out into the streets and scream “SWAG SWAG SWAG,” just like Mos Def. These kids have been releasing mixtapes for free for years on their tumblr and Tyler’s solo sophomore album Goblin has been picked up for release through XL Recordings. Odd Future is taking no prisoners and they are all only going to get bigger, so hold on now.

Tyler, The Creator – Yonkers


AND THEN! To add even more excitement to a week that I could never dream could get any better Radiohead (FUCKING RADIOHEAD) announced that they would be releasing their new album, King Of Limbs, this week. And then they go right ahead and release it a day early (came out Friday 2.18.11) and preface it with this video of Thom Yorke dancing his way back into my heart in this video for “Lotus Flower.”

King of Limbs may not be as magical a release as In Rainbows was, but any gift from Radiohead is still a gift from the Gods themselves. I first heard this track “Give Up The Ghost” last year when Thom played it at Coachella and it still gives me chills today with its haunting beauty.

Radiohead – Give Up The Ghost (mp3)


2 thoughts on “this week: a musical retrospective

  1. so proud of arcade fire!!!! but omg was so excited about radiohead alb…i almost died. why is thom yorke so godlike?? but sidenote, why are there only 8 songs? kindaaa pissed about that thom. jk i love you let’s make babies.

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