Twin Sister

Last year, Andrew turned me onto the band Twin Sister and it was love at first listen. Little did I know that, months later, their songs would subtly stalk my life everywhere I turned.

If you know anything about me, you would know that I watch an inordinate amount of TV. I don’t care how embarrassing the show may be, I will probably watch it once. Now, that’s not to say that I have no discerning taste and will watch any shit they slap on the tube (read: MTV’s version of Skins). The shows I do love, however, I watch regularly and follow-up on religiously via ONTD. (secret confession: I’ve always been the biggest fan of the original UK version of Skins. I thought I would hate this new 3rd generation of characters, but it turns out I am absolutely OBSESSED with them. WATCH IT!)

Anyways, back to the topic at hand,  the series (serieses? god i hate irregular plural nouns) I tend to find myself enraptured with almost always have amazing music directors or something because they are constantly playing songs from artists I adore. This particular Twin Sister track, “I Want a House,” has actually been stalking me I swear. I hear it everywhere, like most recently on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and the aforementioned terrible episode of US Skins I had been subjected to.

Twin Sister – I Want a House (mp3)

Twin Sister is an indie-pop act made up of five super-cute-twenty-something Brooklynites (by way of Long Island). They have accurately been described as making “music that sounds like a secret.” Their songs are bathed in an aura of dreamy romanticism and rounded out with pleasantly sweet/airy vocals. They made waves by releasing two EPs (Color Your Life and Vampires with Dreaming Kids) for free-99 last year. And their first experience with a real studio brought us this luscious track, “Meet The Frownies.” Leaves you salivating for what their proper debut album will be like, huh?

Twin Sister – Meet The Frownies (mp3)



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