Nottee’s Young Modern Life

My reason for internet living, Cyndy G, asked me a question about a song a couple weeks ago, and I loved it but could not place it. So after hours of e-searching her brother figured out that it was Nottee’s “Young Modern Life” and we started to fall in love with her. I was also incredibly shamed that I hadn’t figured it out first, but we’ll save that for a future therapy session. Nottee is the moniker for 25 year old Swedish pop songstress Rebekka “Nonno” Drouggev (is it just me or is there something in the water in Sweden that makes them all so fucking awesome/gorgeous?) Nottee is no stranger to Swede music godliness, as she was playing bass in her brother’s band, Lo-Fi-Fnk (OMG), up until a few years ago. She makes songs that are tinged with Lykke Li’s great electro-pop sensibilities and Stevie Nicks-like vocals. “Young Modern Life” just sounds like carefree Summer afternoons, doesn’t it?

Nottee – Young Modern Life (mp3)


Extra: here is a live performance of the incredibly charming “Control.” Also lololol at how Swedish sounds to us Ugly Americans. oops.



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