Dog Is Dead

Dog Is Dead is a name that has been floating around languidly on the interwebz for about a year now, and it is a shame that the band hasn’t burst out in a horn-filled explosion for everyone to clamor over…yet. I believe this will be they year that that all changes for these 5 British babely boys. Hailing from Nottingham, these barely 20 year olds sound like they have been playing and harmonizing together for decades now. Their energetic brand of indie pop will grab you from the get-go and keep you wanting more.

From the moment I heard Dog Is Dead’s “Glockenspiel Song” I have not been able to get it out of my head. It resonates and bounces along in there until I am in a maddeningly good mood. It will make you want to grab your friends, run across a field, and proclaim “WE ARE A MESS, WE ARE FAILURES, AND WE LOVE IT!” and you will mean it, but like in the best way possible.

So, are we so alive?

Dog Is Dead – Glockenspiel Song (mp3)



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