Pogo: A Connoisseur of Spliced Sound Bites.

Hey guys, my name is Andrew. Michelle has graciously allowed me to guest blog this fine establishment and I’ve come to blog to the best of my abilities. So please, let me blog for you.

I’m a man of varied tastes. I enjoy a wide array of music, but I have a real soft spot for musicians that go to great creative lengths for their craft, and Pogo (in some instances prefaced by the title of DJ) is one of those musicians.

Hailing from the land of Perth in Western Australia, Pogo, aka Nick Bertke, can be deemed as more of a musical engineer than your average musician. Skirting the lines between hip and trip-hop, the majority of Pogo’s music is comprised of snippets and sound bites from classic films of the last several decades. From Hook, Mary Poppins, The King and I,  and many more, young Pogo has a serious knack for creating infectious beats that, sans a synth or two and a slick bass line, are comprised entirely from sounds of classic films many of us know and love.

Pogo’s most notable work, Wonderland is a collection of songs created from Alice in Wonderland. These tracks are the best examples of young Nick’s handiwork and are easy to get lost in.

More recently, Pogo has aimed his steady beat scalpel to more recent films such as Up, Harry Potter and a hyperactive ode to robo-assassins ala Terminator 2: Judgement Day but he continues to spread his arms in other directions. His most recent work, Gardyn is made almost entirely of sounds from his mother’s garden (mother included):

So, long story short, the tracks are fun, easy to get lost in, and even work up a little nostalgia and childhood memories from time to time. To crawl further into the rabbit hole, head to Pogo’s website. There you’ll find his entire discography generously available free to download, neatly packaged and ready for you aural consumption. Also Pogo’s youtube page has his most recent work, available in fun visual forms. For convenience I’ve provided a few tastes:

Pogo – Lost (From the Wonderland EP)

Pogo – Go Out and Love Someone (From the Tablescraps EP)

Pogo – Upular (Comprised of bits from Pixar’s UP)

That’s it, kids! Have a safe Memorial weekend, Joe Bless America and praise to Uncle Sam and the majestic Bald Eagle.

— Ayn Radd