Lana Del Rey – Video Games

Last week I was absolutely inundated with the perfection that is Lana Del Rey from what seemed to be every aspect of my viral and real life (Thank you Ian/Twitter/blogosphere). Lana Del Rey is the sultry alias for this pouty-lipped, gorgeous creature that is New York singer-songwriter Lizzy Grant. She’s breathtaking and what’s even more she is talented; her single “Video Games” makes my heart hurt in the best way possible. With its sweeping strings and stripped down vocals, Video Games manages to evoke memories of the days I would worship at the altar of Cat Power/Fiona Apple. Her single is very reminiscent of the same brand of lazy, sexy, orchestral pop those ladies created that provided the soundtrack to my breakups and hangups. It is no wonder that I was immediately obsessed with Lana Del Rey, as well. I’d throw myself happily into emotional turmoil if it meant more tracks like this would suddenly appear in my realm of existence.

“Video Games” will be released with its b-side, “Blue Jeans,” by Stranger Records on October 9th.

and here’s the mp3 so you too can put it on repeat forever and let your heart break a little.

Lana Del Rey – Video Games (mp3)